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North Korea: Update on Pyongyang

After months of debate between the U.S. and China, the UN has placed sanctions on North Korea. There are some of the strictest sanctions ever imposed on North Korea and were met with a violent reaction from Pyongyang. In Wonsan, off the East Coast, multiple short range missiles were fired into the Sea of Japan. These missiles follow N.K.’s recent nuclear test and long range launch.

As a result of the short range missiles, North Korea has come under even more pressure. China, in combination with the embargo they are placing on North Korean ships, says they are not allowing the ships to go back to North Korea. Any ships already at Chinese ports once the comprehensive embargo of trading with North Korea are enforced will now be forced to stay in China. Both the sanctions and the embargo are part of a new approach to avoid criticisms from the international community. North Korea’s reaction to these new, even harsher embargoes cannot be guessed, but could be infinitely worse than anything has done so far. With the economic sanctions being imposed on North Korea, the countries funds will soon be drained; which raises a serious question. When North Korea inevitably goes down, who will it try to take down with it?

By: Harrison fuller

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