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NHL Hockey Playoffs

Alright, hockey has gotten serious as the NHL is now in its quarter final round. Chicago, Minnesota, Montreal, Tampa Bay, Anaheim, Calgary, New York, and Washington are the teams that are still left in the runnings, each competing for the beloved Stanley Cup. With the heartbreaking defeat that saw the Vancouver Canucks, the Winnipeg Jets, and the Ottawa Senators to the end of their season, the remaining Canadian teams are looking for the nation’s fans to rally behind them. All across the country, Canadians were glued to their television sets hoping anxiously that they’d get a chance to see their home town in the Stanley Cup Finals. Now for some of us, we will have to wait another year. This is especially saddening for the Winnipeg Jets, who barely managed to earn a spot in the playoffs, but with astonishing support from their fans they showed promise. Unfortunately they were swept by the Anaheim Ducks who seemed to outplay them on every front, going so far as to defeat the Jets at every occasion. Despite the poor performance, the league showed graditude towards the loyal Winnipeg Fans by giving them the third star of the match. The announcer said that “[he] hadn’t seen anything like it before in his life, but that [the award] was well deserved because of the unconditional support Winnipeg fans had for their team.” In other news, the Vancouver Canucks also suffered from losing their spot in the bracket. The series against Calgary lasted to game six, where unfortunately after a strong start, the Vancouver Canucks gave up 3 goals in a single period, tying the game. This upset gave Calgary the momentum to secure a victory, ending the playoff journey for Vancouver. But it isn’t over yet! Montreal and Calgary are still in the fight! So show your support and lets see Canada win another Stanley Cup!

By: Lucas Philipp

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