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New Squads in the Future?

Baseball and Football, two possible Collingwood sport teams in the future.

At Collingwood school, the athletic strand is one we take great pride in and we have the banners and medals to show for it. Over the years, numerous talented athletes and teams, perhaps our field hockey and rugby programs for example, have been discovered and have led Collingwood to great success. As Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Now this statement pertains to our Collingwood community because we have all learned that we is stronger than me and teamwork is very apparent in our team sports.

Two new sports could have a bright future in Collingwood. The first sport with the potential of a team is that of baseball. Not only do we have a diamond in our backyard, but we have multiple talented and avid players at our school. The summer sport is one of the most played in Canada and the Toronto Blue Jays have become a sports icon for young up and coming Canadian players. Baseball involves a few bats, balls and players and with these three ingredients, smiles spread like wildfire. In the coming months/years baseball could be yet another outstanding Collingwood sport representative if a students come together and propose the idea!

The second sport that could possibly be introduced to Collingwood could be that of a senior football squad. The senior success in rugby is a foreshadow of the possible success in football. Another plus is that the numerous schools in close proximity have teams ready to tangle with. Also, the sport is a very large promoter of school spirit. for example, recently the annual Buchanan Bowl between Carson Graham Secondary and Handsworth brought out a massive crowd and proved to be a stellar event. An event that could possibly have a clash including Collingwood in the coming years. The most crucial factor is that Rugby and football would have to occur during different seasons so that the amount of players necessary to run both teams would be available.

Baseball and football are two commonly played sports that Collingwood should think about introducing in the near future and as a result would add to the success of the athletic program at this fine establishment.

By: Connor Anderson

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