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Ms. Shandler – Unsung Hero

It’s no secret that the University Guidance office is the most important part of Collingwood life for the grad class. Every year, students rely on four people to help send them off to university. A significant—and certainly humble—member of this quartet is Ms. Shandler. As the administrative assistant, she has succeeded to keep University Guidance running smoothly for the past eighteen years (and counting)!

If you’re not familiar with Ms. Shandler yet, you will be on first day of grade twelve. What a lot of grads don’t realize is that during their meetings with Ms. Embury, Mr. Mcdonald, and Mr. Wong, Ms. Shandler plays a key role behind the scenes. Actually, without Ms. Shandler, none of us would be heading off to university this fall! She’s one of Collingwood’s Unsung Heroes for a variety of reasons. From sending out transcripts for over 120 students, to organizing UG meetings, Ms. Shandler manages to do it all—without searching for praise or a even a mere thank you.

Furthermore, she truly enjoys what she does! She loves “getting to know the different personalities of each grad and hearing about the choices [they make]”. Coordinating with over one hundred eighteen-year-olds every year cannot be a simple task, but Ms. Shandler never complains. However, if there’s one thing you can to do to make her day a little bit easier, it is to keep up with your deadlines! Nothing’s more frustrating than hunting down a bunch of grads to complete something that they’ve missed.

Whether you’re jetting off to the UK, heading south of the border, or ready to leave to a Canadian University, Ms. Shandler is one of the reasons you are able to do so. On behalf of the grad class of 2016, thank you for everything that you have done for us, Ms. Shandler!

By: Alex Weir

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