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Movie Review: Zootopia

Zootopia, a recently released movie, revolves around an up-and-coming rabbit trying to make her mark on this mammal metropolis. Judy Hopps came from the small town of Bunny Burrow, where rabbits have and always will be meek farmer’s, content with their stagnant way of living. Determined to make a difference, Judy travels to Zootopia as the first rabbit to join the police force. Despite her previous accomplishments, life in the big city is anything but easy, and while solving a mysterious case, Judy explores the complex relationship between prey and predator.

I found this movie extremely enjoyable to watch and decipher. Despite being an animated movie, it had a well developed storyline as well as a compelling cast. Its humour could be easily grasped by all ages and was anything but boring. Although the cast was filled with solely animals, all the characters possessed human qualities. As a result, the Zootopia writers gave the movie an even deeper level by explaining that even in mammal societies, there is room for oppression, inequality, and discrimination. Overall, I would recommend this movie to any age, although I’d recommend waiting for the Netflix release instead of paying a full 20 dollars to see it in theatres.

By: Quin vidalin

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