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Movie Review: Sing

What has singing, pigs, elephants, lizards, koalas, jellyfish, and a music theatre all wrapped up in a bundle of entertainment? The movie Sing, of course! As soon as I saw the preview, I knew it was something I couldn’t miss out on.

Sing takes place in a typical modern world whose inhabitants are talking animals instead of humans. It features the ambitious and overly optimistic Mr. Moon, a koala and manager of what used to be a famous music theatre. As an attempt to save his financially unstable business, he organizes a singing competition. Little does he know, it opens the door to a much more serious tale of courage, the power of teamwork, and the importance of hope in the most tragic situations.

The audience is introduced to other amiable characters, such as narcissistic mouse Mike, teenage female porcupine Ash, dance-loving male pig Gunter, female pig and mother of twenty children Rosita, shy elephant Meena, and determined gorilla Johnny. Throughout the movie, I bonded with each of them and cheered them on as they progressed towards attaining their individual goals. Meena was my personal favourite, since I shared several of her introverted traits.

I left the cinema, dazed and thrilled by the simple yet powerful story Sing had bestowed upon me. The meaningful messages made my heart warm despite the freezing piles of snow outside. A renewed sense of self-confidence and motivation stirred within me, and it still remains today. This movie, which I originally thought to be nothing more than a hilarious story, taught me to believe in myself no matter what. I could choose to wallow in self-pity under the weight of my AP courses, or pick up the pieces of my hope and glue them back together. Even in the worst of situations, as Mr. Moon said, “When you’ve reached rock bottom, there’s only one way to go, and that’s up!”

By: Elisa Sung

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