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Model UN – 2015

Collingwood’s Model United Nations delegation, led by Ms.Thureau, departed this past Saturday for New York City where they will be attending the 41st National NHSMUN. The conference spans from March 4th to March 7th, hosting over 3000 participants from 150 schools and over 20 countries. Each school will represent their delegation in simulated committee meetings and plenary sessions.

Representing South Africa, the twenty-four grade ten Collingwood students have been working tirelessly to prepare for the conference – writing position papers for their respective committees. Druhva Nilakantan, who will be representing UNHABITAT at the conference, wrote his position paper about the potential for building sustainable slums in sub-Saharan Africa. According to Druhva, “The process for preparing for this conference has opened my eyes to the world’s problems and has given me insight into how we can be the change. What I learned from my research was astonishing. I cannot wait to share my ideas with the fellow delegates at the conference.” The entire group of grade ten delegates are eager to attend the conference and hopefully draft a resolution with their respective committees. Grade ten student Eva cai expressed, “I have enjoyed debate and research essays at school, but Model UN is a completely new experience. I am very excited for the opportunity to present our formal papers in front of the various delegations, and to be able to have in depth discussions with the other student delegates from across the globe.”

Before students delve into the intensive conference, they will explore the concrete jungle of New York City. Highlights of their trip will include, visits to the National History Museum, a Broadway show, and a Brooklyn Nets Basketball game. Ms. Thureau has spent countless hours organizing this trip, so that it is a great and memorable experience for the students.

Collingwood’s delegates who attended last year’s conference have been busy guiding this year’s delegates to ensure they are fully prepared. When asked about her experience at the Model UN conference last year, Lorna Horwood expressed, “Model UN was such an amazing experience. We were able to converse with a diverse group of students from and the globe about current problems facing our world. We were able to debate, draft resolutions, and learn so much from one another. I am sure the students this year will have just as positive of an experience.”

We wish them the best of luck with their pursuits at the NHSMUN conference.


Current Update from the Trip: The students have been facing harsh New York weather. As well they have attended the Broadway Show “Matilda” and have watched a Brooklyn Nets Basketball Game.

By:Kristine Falck

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