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Lunchtime during COVID

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

There is no doubt that 2020 has been one of the most frustrating and stressful times of our lives. With COVID-19, inevitably, everyday life at Collingwood has transformed dramatically since we last experienced a normal day at school. Many new rules and policies have been implemented that, although annoying, are designed to keep us healthy and safe. For example, mandatory lanyards, one-way hallways, closed common spaces, and the new schedule are all popular complaints around the school. It’s true that these rules have brought us many new inconveniences, but personally, I feel the quality of our lunch hour has upgraded and been reconstructed to better fit the needs and safety percussions of students at this time.

During lunch, we must now stay in our cohorts and avoid some common areas. Although it is unfortunate that we must abide by these rules, there are nevertheless better alternatives that keep Collingwood a COVID-safe place. Staying in your own cohort is crucial, but this does not mean you must cut off communication with anyone outside of your learning group. As long as social distancing is maintained and masks are kept on, learning groups are welcome to interact with each other. Our beloved library has been the spot for many students during lunchtime. With new rules enforced, many students have found that their favourite spots are no longer available. It is no surprise that people are disappointed, but Collingwood has offered multiple other options to students at this time. The Finnie Plaza, for example, is always open for students to hang around. There, one may enjoy the fresh air and soak up the sunshine before going back to class. The Washington Field is also a viable option that can serve many purposes. Whether it’s just relaxing on the field or playing sports, the field is definitely a great space to spend your leisure time. Furthermore, the gymnasium is still open to students with the minimum requirement of sanitizing your hands. Lunchtime might look different for some of us, but we should not allow these limitations to negatively affect us and keep us from having a good time. This is a great opportunity for students to use their creativity and find a way to enjoy lunch as much as possible while staying healthy!

For our active students, not only are there balls provided by the PE department available, new lunchtime equipment has been added. The classic ping pong tables have been set up in front of the school, and have proven to be a crowd-pleaser for both students and teachers. Spikeball is another new addition to the long list of available sports. Invented in 1989, this relatively new sport can be described as a miniature version of volleyball. This game is easy to learn and does not require much skill. So, grab your friends and start playing!

It is evident that COVID has caused many restrictions on our school life. However, there are many ways to enjoy being at school while keeping our community safe and coronavirus free. If we all do our part, I believe that we will be able to overcome this difficult situation in no time.

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