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Literary Devices by Creative Writing Students

Prepare to be amazed!


Her eyes were as brown as a melted milk chocolate bar, sitting too long in the blistering summer sun. Emily Larman Her eyes were as blue as the bruises that surrounded them. Olivia Solodko

His voice was like the hiccups of alligators. Allen Chen

His voice was like the sound the reaper makes when it sucks the soul out of a corpse. Ethan Taylor

Her voice was like milk and honey swirled into one, concocting a libation so irresistible it was one part sunshine and two parts rapture. Emily Larman

Her eyes were as brown as the giant chocolate bowl mixer at the Rocky Mountain factory I kept obsessing about. Schon Tan

His loyalty is as cheap as the MacDonald food on any street. Yundi Li

His eyes were as clear as the delicate crystals glistening amidst the light of dawn, drawing in even the most timid of souls. Angela Xiao

Her voice was like listening to a piglet squealing when it was getting roasted. Tomomi Chen

His voice was like Kim Kardashian’s bum, bald and shiny. Olivia Solodko

His voice was like a fine silk that had been woven by hand centuries ago. Ethan Taylor

His voice was like the tantalizing whisper of a compliant ocean, the hum of a thousand feathered creatures and the roar of a relentless blizzard, all at once and never together. Selina Mao. His voice was like a razor blade, scratching and cutting at the ears and minds of the audience. Karman Schad

Her eyes were as brown as fresh soil, mahogany bark and the layer of the earth with all its golden cracks and specks of darker monoliths. Selina Mao

His voice was like listening to a hummingbird chirp in the glorious morning. Tomomi Chen

Her hair was as silky smooth as my own, perfect. Brandon Chin

Her eyes were as brown as the finest of Belgian chocolates. Lauren Jang


The chair winced in pain as the large boy sat down. Jaden Narwal

The coffee cried painfully when the man held him and sipped him to death. Allen Chen

The pen started to choke as the last drops of ink dripped out. Ethan Taylor

The dark cloud compressed with the outlines of its round cumulus shapes scrunching up into a fist about to strike down on me. Schon Tan

The door beckoned to the girl, inviting her in for a cup of tea and a much-needed chat. Karman Schad

The phone shook with loneliness, hopelessly waiting for owner to find him in the public bathroom. Angela Xiao

The laptop screamed in agony as the virus ripped through its veins. Karman Schad

The necklace had a way of lying upon her neck as if two hands were choking her for dear life. Emily Larman

The cookie jar snickered as the small boy reached for it as it sat high on the top shelf. Jaden Narwal

The dog treat screamed in horror as it watched his lover crushed in the vicious jaws of Bob the dog. Angela Xiao Hyperbole

His shout cracked stone and metal, century old boulders and the impenetrable box around a human’s tattered soul. Selina Mao

She aggressively buried the corpse, as if there was a chance it had the ability to come back to life. Olivia Solodko

The cruelest torture in history would be to transform a man into a keyboard and gave it to a writer. Allen Chen

Her skin glistened in the sunshine as though it were made of millions of tiny jewels. Maren Lester

Her beauty was so great that as she walked down the roads, the sounds of hearts breaking trailed in her wake. Karman Schad

The woman was so rich that she threw away her money as if brushing dandruff off her skin. Allen Chen

She was so ugly that when she looked in the mirror an error message appeared. Ethan Taylor

They lined the tattered streets with as many possessions as the dust specks that settle on your gold spangled bed sheets. Olivia Solodko

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