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Hungry For Change Recap

Every year, Collingwood Round Square runs an event called Hungry For Change to raise awareness for hunger issues and raise funds for an organization of their choice. To participate, students were required to fast for 24 hours and pledge a minimum of 50 dollars. This year, over 45 students from grade 9-12 participated and over 2205 dollars was raised. In the final hours of the fast, students participated in activities led by members of Senior Round Square including hunger trivia, a talk by founder of Backpack Buddies and Collingwood alumni, Emily-Anne Griffiths, art and spa rooms, and a celebratory dinner. Senior Round Square decided to donate their money to an organization Collingwood already supports—Backpack Buddies, which provides healthy food to the children of struggling families in the Lower Mainland. For Senior Round Square, donating the funds to Backpack Buddies was a unique opportunity as students felt like they made a direct, visible impact on their community.

By: Lisa Yang

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