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How to Thrive and Not Just Survive

For Collingwood’s senior students the last two months of school are filled with exams, events, elections, and farewells. With all these affairs around the corner the school has a new atmosphere: stress. As I have gone through my fair share of last months of school I have learned some tricks to help me not just survive but thrive in the last weeks of school. Through experience, I have found a way to cope with the stress and find the quickest route to summer.


It is extremely tempting to stain your AP psychology book with the neon orange grease of cheetos but devouring your favourite comfort foods will aid you in succeeding. To make sure your body can be prepared for this grueling journey of exams you need to be fueling your body with foods that can help sustain you during long nights of studying. Personally, I recommend eating high protein meals and lots of vitamins . This will keep you focused, full, and fit.


Whether you’re stressing about altering your grad dress or trying to figure out how to submit your AP Capstone final essay I encourage to take a moment to relax. Every 45 minutes take a 5 minute break. Scientifically it is proven to help you refocus and more effectively complete the task at hand.


Similar to taking breaks, exercising will help you release stress and refocus. Also, it will keep you in shape to fit into your grad dress or suit. So, plug in your tunes and break a sweat because you will feel energized and refreshed after.


For a lot of collingwood students their closest friends are graduating and leaving Vancouver next year. But, before they leave, spend time with them. Not only will it give you time to relax but you will also be able to make some last memories with them.


Whether you need clarification on materials or a person to hear you cry the teachers at collingwood will help. They have a lot of experience solving problems in the last months of school. Having adult help can take an unnecessary load off your chest.

By: Amanda Finnie

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