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How To Study

School is already in session and that means tests are coming up. Usually, procrastination pushes you to start studying only one night before the test. This makes you really tired, so on test day you are sleepy and can’t concentrate. Every time you say to yourself that you are going to study days, even weeks before the test, but when the next test rolls by the same thing happens: an all-nighter. Here are some scientifically proven study tips, that are sure to give you a top mark.

First, you need to organize your study time. Based on research, lots of small periods of studying is better than one big one. Furthermore, make sure you are following this pattern: study, sleep, study. This means you should have a study session before going to sleep and after you have woken up. This method makes you memorize your work easier and quicker.

Secondly, you should plan out what you are going to do in each study session. This way you won’t miss anything important and will be prepared for the test. If you are trying to understand a paragraph, the best trick is to rewrite it on paper in your own words. Not only does this exercises your hand, but it also makes you understand and remember what you wrote. Furthermore, you can use those notes to study on the go or with a friend.

Lastly, try to minimize distractions. Put your phone on silent, toss it in your bag, and move it to another room. If you are studying on a computer, close all social media tabs. This way you will not tempted to use those distractions, because you won’t even see them. Don’t study with friends that talk non-stop, since there is no way you are going to get your work done efficiently. Most importantly you should be getting enough sleep. Anywhere from 8 to 10 hours per night is healthy for a high school student.

In conclusion, right now you might think that studying is boring, but if you start using the tips above, studying will become more fun, healthy, and will be sure to get you a better grade.

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