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House Captains of the 2017-18 School Year

The results are in for the House Captains of the next school year. It will be the first time with three captains per house and I’m looking forward to the extra dose of competitive spirit this will bring.

For Byrd, the new leaders are Natalie Lloyd (going into grade 12), Michael Kennedy (going into grade 11), and one and only Nikolai Osborne (going into grade 11). With such strong and high-spirited individuals, this house could be a major threat next year. As someone in Groos, I’ll make sure to prevent that.

Geer’s House Captains are Megan Mauro (going into grade 12), Nick Jessel (going into grade 12), and Nicole Basran (going into grade 11). This athletic bunch will make a splash next year, but they’ll have to leap to the skies if they want to reclaim the Wright Cup.

Winning house Houssain has Cam Bruk (going into grade 12), Olivia Bosa (going into grade 12), and Karna Nilakantan (going into grade 12). This group boasts much talent in being hilarious and playing sports like rugby. Will they prove that their house deserves to keep the Wright Cup or will they crumble under the furious feet of the other houses? It isn’t easy to stay in first place, especially if Houssain spends too much time sitting back and basking in glory.

The leaders of Senft will be Jaimie Chrystal (going into grade 12), Cole Soprovich (going into grade 12), and Rachel Na (going into grade 11). Another team of athletes will challenge the other houses. With the keen eye of a tiger, will they hunt down the prestigious Cup?

Mackenzie is known for being a strong competitor but consistently falling short of victory in the end. Under the antlers of Natalie Cressey, Avin Saririan-Mobarakeh, and Ethan Lucke — all going into grade 12 — the cheery, optimistic attitude of this house will grow even more. Could it be enough to swat away their competitors?

Everyone who isn’t first is basically last, anyway. My house, Groos house, will make a comeback next year. Nine individuals (myself included) ran for the position of House Captain, which is the most out of all the houses. Even though only Suha Cho (going into grade 12), Aleem Karmali (going into grade 11), and Duncan Bustos (going into grade 12) got the position, the rest of us will play large roles in leading and inspiring the house to victory. Boasting skills in a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer, as well as having can-do attitudes, this trio has already got one foot on the train to the Wright Cup.

Congratulations to the new House Captains and those who took the admirable initiative to run. May the most courageous, capable, and charismatic house win.

By: Elisa Sung

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