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Happily Ever After—The Cavalier Prom


On January 27th, 2017, time stopped. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Collingwood life, students channelled their inner knights, princesses, kings and queens, gathering at the Sutton Place Hotel for this year’s “Once Upon a Time” themed Cavalier Prom.

Tireless planning and promotion had gone into what was a night to remember. Sabrina Ladha, Isaac Davies, Roxy Memar, and Jasmine Rahmati did a wonderful job as emcee’s for the evening. Here’s a recap of the magical night:

The night kicked off with Sophia Ludwig and Nisha Mainra presenting several gala awards. To name a few, Nick Somers received the best prince charming hair award, while Casey Thomas Burns was to no one’s surprise awarded most likely to grow hair as long as Rapunzel. The audience also cheered as Madison Connell and Jack Graham were recognized as most likely to live happily ever after, and Jason Ono – O’Connor was named for most likely to fall asleep for 100 years.

Later in the evening, couples were called to the front to compete in archery. While the rest struggled at this event, Casey Lake and Alexandra Ergas waltzed their way to an easy victory.

Following a hearty and delicious dinner, students wasted no time in taking to the dance floor. The songs were great this year – from Bad & Boujee to Sweet Caroline, the varied playlist had students busting moves left, right and center. Daniel Chete brought the energy and the moves, drawing the spotlight as he repeatedly found himself at the center of circles. Somehow I also found myself at the center of the circle with Joy Hou, a predicament I had feared and rightfully so. Jeffrey Deng also did a couple of flips over the course of the night, and had the crowd gawking.

For grads, the night was one to remember. A huge thank you goes out from all senior students, and especially from the grads, to everyone who made this night possible. Also, I’d like to give a special shout out to Madame Mofazali for not only her dominant performance during Stromae, but for spearheading this memorable event.

By: Samir Damji

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