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Halloween at Collingwood

At Collingwood, there is one day that students anticipate most. It is a day filled with excitement, fear, and totally eeriesistable treats. It is Halloween.

Halloween is the day when ghosts and goblins take to the streets, and all time highs in sugar consumption are reached. People revel in the thrill of fear, and pumpkins are expertly (and not-so-expertly) carved into jack-o’-lanterns. What’s not to love?

The Grad class of 2016 did an excellent job of hosting the event at Collingwood this year and made this past Friday truly unforgettable! Upon arrival, students were greeted by dazzling costumes, spooky decorations, and a spectacular haunted house. Spirits of the underworld, fictional characters, celebrities, and even bananas roamed the hallways.

The spooktacular day started off with an energetic assembly that included a pie eating contest, a fashion show, performances from the choir and the band, a hilarious student exec video, AND a Ghostbusters performance. Just your typical day at Collingwood.

Amidst all of the fun and excitement, students were reminded about those who were less fortunate. In support of less privileged children and families in the Vancouver community, students were asked to bring in a $10 for the Backpack Buddies “We Scare Hunger” Initiative. The collection was very successful and will go a long way in helping those in need.

After this past Friday, students are already excited for what’s in store for Halloween at Collingwood next year! Each year the Grad class tends to outdo the previous year in this event, and this year was no exception.

By: Samir Damji

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