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Grade 9 Dance Features

Art comes in countless forms — visual, communication, music, and performance. These students exercise their art in the form of dancing. Dancing, just like any other form of art, requires tireless effort and numerous hours of hard work dedicated into practice. It is not common to find people, especially students, who are willing to sacrifice so much of their time to pursue their passion. Fortunately, in Collingwood, we have some exceptionally talented young dancers in grade 9 who exhibit expertise in this field.


Ava Visosky (above) has been dancing recreationally ever since she was just two years old. Ava has practiced a variety of dancing styles and her main focuses are on ballet and contemporary. When asked what sparked her passion for dancing, she responded that her pursuit of dancing was not initially her choice, yet when she “stopped dancing for the purpose of other people” and started dancing solely for the purpose of her own interests, Ava has found her true passion for dancing. To Ava, “dancing is a way to express [her] emotions, as it strengthens [her] sense of identity and allows [her] to be [her] true self”. Missed the last dance show? Don’t worry. Ava’s journey does not stop here as we will be seeing more of Ava’s performances in the future, as she claims she would “would love to be a professional dancer”.

Dana Brown (above) is also an excellent dancer as she too has been dancing since two years-old. Dana practices all styles of dance as she believes that the possibility to express herself in the form of movement is limitless. She enjoys entertaining people with her vivid dance performances and putting a smile on the crowd also makes her happy. To Dana, dancing is “a way to let out emotions and enjoy oneself”. Dana’s passion for dancing is extraordinary as she also plans to become a professional dancer.

Christine (above), another talented veteran in the fields of dance, has been dancing recreationally for 6 years, and started “looking at it in a professional perspective since beginning of the 2017”. She dances many styles, including Classical Russian ballet, Modern dance, Contemporary ballet, Character, and Flamenco. When asked what sparked her passion for dancing, Christine responded, “I originally joined dance because a friend agreed to do class with me, but as the year went by I started to enjoy the art itself and kept dancing even when that friend decided to put down dance.” Although dancing is something that she deeply enjoys, she explains the struggle of dancing as the interview continued: “Dancing is something that is mentally and physically exhausting, but at the same time, it is like taking a break from everything going on around me.” She describes dancing by comparing it to a vacation, as it “leaves [her] tired but happy at the end of it.” Unfortunately, Christine does not plan to become a professional dancer in the future, but she would like to continue to pursue dancing as a hobby.

By: jenny Ding

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