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Grad Spotlight: Brooke Mounsey

When people see a girl wearing a Houssian house shirt with streaks of face paint on her face in the Student Commons convincing people to play House Dodgeball, people automatically know it’s Brooke Mounsey Despite her quiet endeavors and outspoken nature, she is a member of the Collingwood community who is known for her kindness and willingness to help others.

Brooke has been a Collingwood student since kindergarten and throughout her thirteen years in the hallways of Collingwood, Brooke has been an integral part of the school community. She not only is Houssian House Captain and a straight A student, but also a member of the Netball and Track and Field Team.

Most significantly, Brooke also dedicates a large portion of her time to giving back to the community and helping those in need. In grade 11, she took on an internship at Loutet Farm with the Edible Garden Project, a community-ran, urban farm in North Vancouver that intends to provide affordable, clean food for people facing food insecurity on the North Shore. This past spring, Brooke also travelled to Colombia to attend an International Round Square Conference where she represented Collingwood. At the conference she not only discussed social justice issues with other like-minded students across the world, but also gave back to the international community by planting trees in the Amazon basin which is suffering from deforestation as well as building houses for families in need. When asked how she balances her time Brooke explains that “if you do things you truly enjoy, you don’t feel the heavy workload as you’re enjoying yourself through the process.”


It is evident that Brooke’s accomplishments through High School has paid off as she is off to Stanford University next year where she intends to major in Human Biology.

However, when others are asked about Brooke, it is not her accomplishments people mention, but her kind-hearted nature. Her modesty and humility is a true testament to her character. Brooke is a student who always puts others before herself and will do whatever she can to help others. This is how Brooke will be remembered by her peers and teachers.

By: Lisa Yang

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