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Futsal Club is Making Waves

Have you ever heard of Futsal? Many people are unfamiliar with the term, but it is becoming an increasingly common-place word around the halls of Collingwood, as a large group of grade 11s and 12s have rallied for its creation, and the club has finally “kicked off”! The Futsal club, which is essentially a variation of indoor soccer, takes place Friday mornings, where more than 20 Collingwood students and a handful of teachers gather for some physically-demanding, friendly competition. For a voluntary extracurricular, it requires a particular commitment from the students, as the games begin at 7 AM in the morning. This club has been spearheaded by Mr. Hodal, who is an avid supporter of the sport, but when asked, he told us that “this league was entirely a creation of the students.” The main driving force behind the creation of this club has been the will of the students, and it was the surprising amount of support that made this league a reality. So far, 4 futsal sessions have taken place, with the team of teachers being the most successful!

By: Mack Blydt-Hansen

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