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For Terry

Every year Collingwood School does their part to honour the legacy of Terry Fox. Terry has become an international symbol of courage with whom we associate the tragedy which is cancer. At this year’s run, hundreds of people wore name tags over their House shirts, stating who they were running for. I am certain, sticker or not, we all have been directly or indirectly afflicted by this disease. This day exposes the fragility many of us try and suppress for the rest of the year.

Now I can say I have participated in the Terry Fox run from K-12. To no surprise was this year an exceptional turnout. Let’s re-cap: The Gr.12’s kicked off the event down the ring-road, towards the dam, past the dam, and all the way back. Austin Sutherland, by far the fastest man on campus, graciously finished alongside Evan Mant – who was rocking a very stylish ponytail. Mr. Scott Rickard came in a cool fourth position behind Evan Wark, but I digress. What astonished me was the magnitude of effort and support we put forth as a school. Faculty members cheered with perpetual enthusiasm and the runners kept running! There was a great deal of high fives and encouragement (Nick Jessel, if by some miracle you read this, sorry I missed your high five), but not a single audible complaint. For some people, this speaks louder than words.

Now that I have the opportunity, I would like to extend my personal gratitude to whoever selected the popsicle refreshments for our finishers. The chocolate was delicious, and I heard similar reviews for the strawberry. Seriously though, thank you to all the organizers for setting up the balloons, bikes etc.

Let’s talk about money. On the day of the run, about 1 in 5 students had handed in their donations. What’s more important than the amount you donate, is the thought you associate with sacrificing something for others. Admittedly, I used to ask my dad for money when it came time to donate. I would argue I didn’t have enough even for myself. With maturity, I hope we can all recognize the importance of sharing when we are healthy, so that when we are sick we can rely on others. If you haven’t yet donated, don’t feel bad. Just make a point to do so the next time you get a chance to give. It’s a great feeling.

In summary, it was a largely successful event. Although I won’t be there next year with you all, I wish Collingwood many more successful Terry Fox runs!

By: Peter Konigsmann

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