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Feed Me Weird Things (1996) / Squarepusher

Drum N’ Bass: Feed Me Weird Things (1996) / Squarepusher

I feel as if Squarepusher wakes up some days, says “f*ck it”, and then just presses all of the buttons on his drum machine, making lots of pretentious and obnoxious noise. That being said, certain Squarepusher tracks are pure genius. Take the track “Tundra” for example. It has been referred to as, “the track that all boys should listen to before becoming men”. Stories exist of listeners becoming so completely and utterly obsessed with the song that they listen to the point of having heard it thousands upon thousands of times. Feed Me Weird Things frequently uses elements of jazz and breakbeat to create captivating, dizzyingly rapid grooves of ample dissonance.

By: Lucas Philipp

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