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Fall 2016 Men’s Fashion

The fall 2016 men’s fashion weeks are winding to a close and many collections have come out thus far from the most acclaimed fashion cities worldwide. London, Milan, and Paris have all had great showings from both the design teams and the fashion icons that made their way out to the events. As we wait for more to drizzle in from New York City, let us take a look back at what has happened so far.

Burberry’s London show featured the notoriously brilliant tartan that Burberry is known for, and alongside staple camel topcoats, wandering eyes turned to Brooklyn Beckham, the son of former professional footballer David Beckham, who was sporting quite the outfit himself. Two of the four children have already been in ad campaigns for Burberry – Romeo took part in an ad campaign for the holiday season and Brooklyn just took part one with the leading tag #ThisIsBrit.


Tod’s stole the show in Milan with their collection featuring leather jackets, down jackets, topcoats, and pea coats. A simply perfect capsule for men that want to look professional when they are off to Wall Street sitting in their million dollar apartments or walking down Fifth Avenue on their way to a brunch meeting. Diego Della Valle is the company’s CEO and few other men or women in his position do as he does – he wears the items his company produces on a day-to-day basis. Tod’s has never had a young demographic nor will they in the future from what we have seen so far. Young men don’t have large lump sums of money to spend on high quality pieces. Few men under 35 even care how their garments are made, but Tod’s puts in the effort to have the best material for all their pieces. All in all, Tod’s put together a spectacular collection. I’ll personally have an eye on the shelves for when the collection hits stores.

From Milan to Paris, the fashion collections only got better. A.P.C. is a brand that men can get behind because their wares are designed for everyday occasions – in the office, out on the streets, or in a pub. A wardrobe from A.P.C. will have you covered for every occasion and will have you looking amazing. Jean Touitou is the founder and creative director at A.P.C. and has an eye for detail. Just take a look at any of the ties he has designed for this collection; they all have small touch to them that could have only been a product of Touitou’s work. The simplest things like a red pin dot seemingly randomly placed make an A.P.C. tie stand out from the rest and rise above the standard. Vogue Magazine mentions that he once sent back a sample of red wool because it was not stiff enough and was not dry enough for his standards. In this case, being a perfectionist is just what A.P.C. needs from Touitou. The capsule collection looks fabulously British and reminds me of Kensington High Street on any given Autumn night. Two words summarize A.P.C.: sophisticated casual.

And that’s all that’s been said and done so far. Definitely be on the lookout for these collections when they hit shelves this Fall!

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