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Everything Happens for a “Purpose”

Biebs rocks the charts with his new album entitled “Purpose.”

Alright, let’s get right down to it. All my life I have never really been a fan of this guy’s music, way of life, or choices but this year, everything flipped like a switch. My ideas, opinions and beliefs on this talented artist have all transitioned to positive thoughts. This switch was first ignited with his release of the amazing song “What Do You Mean.” This song generated huge press for the upcoming album. Looking back on the choices before the drop of Purpose, there was a reason and or “purpose” (no pun intended), behind everyone. This caused massive respect and props to Justin, and my own personal hype for the album to increase. Finally, on November 13th, 2015, Purpose dropped. I was in Toronto at the time, and it was 12:03 AM. I know, I still remember the time. I vividly remember every single song, being better than the next, ending with my personal favourite “We Are” featuring Nas. This boy has definitely transitioned to a man, as seen with numerous songs on the album. If you are in the mood to be blown away, listen to it.

Finally, the Biebs has one of the best closets in the game today. As seen in his videos on Youtube, he sports multiple high-end and desired clothing items, such as the Yeezy Boosts 350 and ripped Fear of God jeans. His recent I’ll Show You video exemplifies both. This album is a banger without a doubt. All in all, well done Justin, you have earned yourself another fan, who admits to singing all your songs in his car. This fan may or may not be me.

By: Connor Anderson

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