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Earth Week

In the spirit of Earth Week–April 20-April 24–the round square committee organized activities during lunch breaks to spread awareness!

The week began with “Motivational Monday” and students had the opportunity to engage and write an environmental pledge (on a sticky note) and place it on a drawing of the earth in the Ludwig Cafeteria. Following this, students had the chance to guess how many green jelly beans were used to fill a mason jar. With an exact guess of 750 jelly beans, Dillon Cooper was the ultimate winner.

The following day, “Twilight Tuesday” was introduced with the intention of using minimal light in classrooms or none at all. On “Water Wednesday” the main goal was to support re-usable water bottles. As the week approached an end “Trash-less Thursday” was enforced. In order to reduce environmental waste, students were encouraged to bring a trash-less lunch. Last but not least, the week ended off with “Fair Trade Friday.” During lunch a bake sale ran to reward the students for their dedication. Furthermore, half of all the proceeds were contributed towards the World Wide Life Fund (WWF) and the other half towards World Trade/Free Trade.

Unfortunately the winner already ate the jelly beans before the photo was taken. Therefore, in lieu of this the winner is holding the imaginary jar!

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