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Drumline Success at Provincials

If you’ve been to any basketball tournaments this year, you’ve probably heard of them. Ever since their inception in 2017, the Collingwood Cavaliers’ Drum Corps, sponsored by Collingwood’s band teacher Mr. Smith, has been fostering school spirit at sports games, school events, and the odd assembly or two. But outside of the pump up grooves and riffs in the gym, the Drum Corps also works towards creating a show to bring to competition.

Photo Credit: Vickie Wang

Photo Credit: Vickie Wang

On Friday May 3rd, Mr. Smith and Mr. Waterhouse took 12 students to Abbotsford Senior Secondary School for the annual Drumline Provincials, to compete with schools around BC in the highest competition category offered in the province. At their first provincials last year, the Drum Corps placed a respectable 6th place. This year, despite only having one year of experience, the Drum Corps placed a whopping 2nd place!

Photo Credit: Serena Zhu

Photo Credit: Serena Zhu

Centre snare and drumline captain Steven Zhu, grade 12, commented on the success, and the future of the program: “I’m super proud of the Collingwood Drum Corps. Having had the pleasure of leading it since its inception, I’ve just gotta say that we’ve really come a long way since first marching into the gym with our rented drums and nonexistent Drum Corps uniforms. I believe it has been left in good hands, as I have complete trust in Graydon Cronk to take the Drum Corps to the next level, and I can’t wait to watch instead of playing in it for once!”

From L to R: Graydon Cronk (quints), Victor Qian (snare), Sean Buckles (snare), Steven Zhu (snare) - Photo Credit: Steven Zhu

From L to R: Graydon Cronk (quints), Victor Qian (snare), Sean Buckles (snare), Steven Zhu (snare) – Photo Credit: Steven Zhu

You can catch the drumline next at the Hatch Shield rugby game on May 9th or at the Arts Week Assembly on May 21st. Drumline auditions for next year will be held next September and is open to students in grades 8-12 who are part of the music program.

By Riley Tam

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