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Concussions: The Impact of Sport

At Collingwood School students are involved in the four strands: academics, athletics, arts, and service. A typical Cavalier exercises their brain through school, and their body through sport. The brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. The brain, like any muscle or other part of your body can become injured. Unlike the rest of your body, the head cannot withstand the same amount of punishment that can result from actively participating in sport. Concussions are serious head/neck related injuries that can cause permanent damage if not treated properly.

As Morven’s own Sport Therapist Mr. Gavin Leung would say, “Concussions can be severely aggravated if they are not dealt with.” He also mentions that, “Although there may seem to be an increase in concussions in recent years, that is a direct result of our ability to better report concussions.”


The new concussion protocol that has been implemented into the BC Sport community has made dramatic changes to the way coaches, players, athletic therapists, etc. approach head related injuries. At Collingwood we assess our athlete’s health using pre-competition screening to ensure that we know of any concussion related injuries that affects our players and our able to help them safely recover.

By interviewing student athletes who have recently experienced a concussion, we are able to better understand the effect an injury of that type can have. Students expressed that they had felt symptoms such as: sleepiness, pressure behind the forehead, head-aches, and sensitivity to light/sound. But, after a modest recovery time, our players were able to return to their game without the risk of aggravating their condition. A particular student found that, “Seeing the doctor, the athletic therapist, and putting extra time aside for rest and relaxation were effective methods coping with their concussion.

Sport is an important part of life, and maturation. Physical exercise, skill development, teamwork, and the social aspect of sport are all integral parts to the athleticism we all share at Collingwood. Though experiencing a concussion is never a pleasant thing, we shouldn’t let the notion of injury prevent us from participating in sport. Nevertheless, we should be re-assured that we have the resources and expertise to fully treat head/neck and concussion related injuries. Keep on Collingwood!

By: Lucas Philip

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