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Coming Soon: Grease is the Word

Without a moment to spare, the preparation for the April musical Grease has begun! In a quick interview, producer and director Cara Tench explained how the support from the actors who auditioned and the number of volunteers that have come out has been overwhelming! Over 70 students auditioned for a cast which only requires 17 actors! Due to the high interest the cast was able to expand to 32 roles.

The cast is scheduled to rehearse three 90 minute sessions per week throughout the months of October through April. Furthermore, Tench also mentioned the positivity displayed and effort all the actors are putting forward is outstanding! Major roles have been decided upon the and cast list includes: Shona Reid as Sandy, Riley Young as Danny, Sydney Chapman as Rizzo, Alana Davies as Frenchie and last but certainly not least Alex Lara playing the role of Kenickie.

Grade 11 student Sydney Chapman explains how although she feels a fair amount of pressure playing a major role, she thoroughly enjoys the rehearsals of the school coming together.

Chapman explained that “even though there is a variety of students from each grade involved in the performance, each and every person is welcoming and supportive.”

Alex Lara, playing the role of Kenickie also explains how the cast is on the route to success!

Lara said that “in order to have a crowd pleasing performance you need dedication and time. Which are exactly the components the grease cast [has]!”

More to come on this exciting new musical journey! Stay tuned!

By: Sophie Yehia

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