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Collingwood You Are Awesome: CW Smiles Week

Two weeks ago, THRIVE’s annual CW Smiles Week brought an energetic flare to the exhausting and stressful lives of Collingwood students, faculty, and teachers alike. This year’s theme of Collingwood You Are Awesome hit the ground running with a fantastic pay it forward video by 2016 grad Emily Kelsall during Monday’s assembly.

The displaying of students’ pets on the big screen was a favourite for many. After all, who wouldn’t crack a smile at the sight of a cute, fluffy dog or cat? Playing upbeat tunes in the Commons was also a hit and created an optimistic vibe throughout the school.

Other activities, such as making Thank You cards, Sweet Reflections (looking at oneself in the mirror and adding a heart), Gratitude Chain, and Free Hugs and High Fives Friday, celebrated both friendships and the individual self. A personal favourite of mine was the putting up of fun tear-sheets. From wookies and hearts to apples and fish in the sea, my spirits lifted every time I saw one. They provided the dash of silliness that I, as well as many others, lacked in my mundane, homework-filled life.

Upon interviewing two individuals involved in CW Smiles, it was confirmed that the week was a huge success.

Ms. Grivakes, the teacher leader of THRIVE, said the purpose of this event, which wasz to bring laughter, was definitely fulfilled and students reported having less stress with the cheery music.

Daisy Wang, a grade 11 student in THRIVE who helped with the planning and execution of CW Smiles Week, noted that the activities strengthened the sense of community amongst the school population. The assembly video was a personal favourite of hers and for good reason — the series of simple yet heartfelt compliments and the recipients’ pleasantly surprised reactions made for a touching spectacle.

By: Elisa Sung

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