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Collingwood School's Science Club

The Senior Science Club, sponsored by Ms. Vo and Ms. Heatherington, is where students who are interested in diving deeper into science related topics beyond the school curriculum, meet. As such, the club is mainly run by students, and so far, there are thirty-seven registered members! This year, the student leaders are Marco Montalbano, Elana Eslampour, Jaelynn Zhao, Radin KhasheiVarnamkhasti, Rebecca Sun, and Shaya Azizi. During an interview with Ms. Vo, she mentioned that pre-COVID, the students of Science Club would meet to prepare for three out-of-school competitions, namely the Kwantlen Challenge, the Physics Olympics, and the Junior Physics & Engineering Competition (JPEC). Due to COVID, this was put on hiatus, but some students, led by Jason Zhao and Luck Sun, hope to compete in the Physics Olympics in March 2024.

So far, Science Club has had a great year! They’ve done numerous activities, including conducting a lead iodine experiment, holding a mug cake competition, extracting DNA from strawberries, and recycling aluminum into aluminum crystals. Below is an image of the lead iodine experiment, where lead nitrate was mixed with potassium iodide to make lead iodine, a bright yellow chemical that is often used in printing and photography.

Science Club’s last project was constructing race cars that are powered by elastics, and the materials that they are allowed are five CDs, one stick, and five elastic bands. They raced them in the foyer during the last week before the winter holiday! For those of you interested in joining the science club, contact Ms. Vo, Ms Heatherington or one of the student leaders.

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