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Collingwood School and English 11 Presents: The Great Gatsby Party

On Friday, April 10, the English 11 students will be hosting the first ever Collingwood Great Gatsby Party in the Bahadur Karim Family Library. The party, inspired by their recent study of Fitzgerald’s classic novel, hopes to be a blast to the past.

The purpose of the party is to immerse the students into the world of the Great Gatsby. On one level it will be a fun event for the students to dress up, mingle, eat, and socialize with their classmates, but on a more educational level, the party will allow them to learn more about the world of the 1920’s. Students were each given a character type of the time, and were then challenged to research the era and create a fictional persona based on their research. For example, a student might have drawn the character type “East Egg Millionaire” or “Flapper Girl,” a month ago when the planning for this party and project began. The student would then have to research and develop that character type into a fleshed out fictional character. After completing a profile for their character, they would have to write a short paragraph in the style of Fitzgerald explaining the background of their originally created character. Finally, they will need to put together a costume and come to the party in character!

During the party, there will be a variety of games, activities, food and drink to enjoy! Both students and teachers alike are looking forward to the event that is sure to be a social and educational experience. It will begin promptly at 1:45 and conclude at the end the school day. Students please remember to bring your assigned snack to share.

“And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past” – Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

By: Mr. Pimental

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