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Collingwood’s First Fall Concert

The music department had never put on a concert so early in the year – until now. This was Collingwood’s first Fall Concert. Originally, a sole concert had been scheduled for October 24th. An email was sent out to parents, and tickets were sold out within a couple of days. On account of the large interest, a second concert was offered for earlier that day and was also sold out.

The Darlene Howard theatre was filled with parents and teachers who were eager to see the pieces that the students had been practicing attentively for two months. This concert consisted of both senior and junior school ensembles, as well as combined ensembles.

The two concerts were filled with many diverse acts, ranging from the String Ensemble and the Senior Chamber Choir to the Senior Jazz Band.

Here are several highlights from the concert:

  1. The opening song, City of Stars, was a selection from the hit movie La La Land. It was performed by the Combined Choir.

  2. Headless Horseman, performed by the Junior Band, was a spooky tribute to Halloween.

  3. The Junior Chamber Choir sang Try, which provoked tears in the crowd with the beautiful harmonies and moving message of the song.

  4. The band started its Commonwealth theme with Serenade, a song composed by Derek Bourgeois. This famous composer wrote this piece for his wedding as he wanted the guests and his bride to have a different song to walk into the church rather than simply having the wedding march. There are six time signature changes in this challenging piece.

  5. Sansa Chroma was the hearty African song sung by the Intermediate Chamber Choir. It is a play song from Ghana. When it is translated, it has metaphors for people’s behaviour within society.

  6. Our combined band of nearly 60 instrumentalists played Simple Song. However, do not be mislead by the title. Mr Smith challenged the band to play this song without him conducting, which he described being like a train. Once it starts, you cannot stop it easily. The students had to feel the tempo and listen to each other.

  7. Another poignant song was Even When He Is Silent, sung by the Senior Chamber Choir. The lyrics are taken from the walls of a concentration camp, as written by a Second World War prisoner.

  8. The Chamber Orchestra played some familiar tunes during their performance of Highlights From Harry Potter, composed by the famous John Williams and arranged by Michael Story.

  9. An arrangement of the popular pop song called One Call Away was sung by the Senior Concert Choir.

  10. The Combined Choir sang a song called Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray, which made the audience think about what it would be like to live as an African American slave.

  11. Michael Jackson’s song Thriller was played by the Senior Jazz Band, putting the audience into the Halloween spirit for the next week.

Thank you to Mr Buchan, Mr Smith, the accompanists, and all of the students for all of their hard work on this concert; and to Mr Schaldemose, Mr Wener, Ms Green, Ms Levis, Ms Gerber, Mr Tobin, Ms Heard, and Caitlin Gordan to help put it together.

By: Chloe Mee

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