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Collingwood’s First Art Battle Challenge

Does your house still need points? Are you trying to cement your lead? On Tuesday, May 24th during middle and senior school lunch, the six houses battled it out using art as their medium for success. It was a combined effort between the juniors and seniors to make a collective piece that will now be judged by you, the students. Four students from each house (two juniors, two seniors) utilized mixed media to try and obtain glory. This is the first time the Collingwood Art Department has held The Art Battle Challenge and it’s definitely a nice teaser to the the upcoming art show, “Vanishing Point,” hosted by the SAC this Wednesday at four o’clock (another event you should definitely check out).

The Art Battle Challenge began during middle school lunch, when the juniors laid the foundation for the piece. During senior lunch, the senior students completed the masterpieces. Now, it’s up to you to vote for your house (or if you want to rebel vote for your favourite piece), on The votes will earn your house those much needed house points, so head online and visit theadverum (if you’re reading this, then you’re a click away!). As we near the end of the school year this is one of your last chances to surge ahead in the race for the desired prize: the Wright Cup.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and encourage your housemates to vote! This could be the difference maker for your house in its pursuit of the Wright Cup!

By: Annalise Wood

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