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Collingwood’s Everlasting Resolutions

Collingwood Community Seeks to Make Resolutions Last

Every year, January is the month for New Year’s Resolutions. It’s a time when the majority of people plan to erase their flaws and move forward. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, many tend to lose their willingness to obtain their goals. Often, New Year’s Resolutions have been forgone and forgotten by February.

This year, just like everyone else, the Collingwood community needs a few common resolutions. And, unlike everyone else, let’s plan to keep them going.

  1. Fewer Complaints.

Everyone does it. Perhaps, students and teachers don’t realize how much they critique the school. Since the beginning of the school year, complaints have been made relentlessly criticizing the new buildings. Not enough parking spaces, no water pressure, and the infamous trees are just a few subjects of these comments. As partakers in these New Year’s Resolutions, avoiding harsh comments and inducing a more positive atmosphere will benefit our small society. The fact that we have a new beautiful school is call for thanks not criticism. We are more than lucky to have the type of school we have.

  1. More School Spirit.


As much as the Collingwood community deems to support the school (and especially the house system), school spirit could improve. Instead of a few students playing in the house games, all of the students should feel welcome to participate! Feel proud sporting red, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange! The new gym is ready for action. We have our own basketball games nearly every week! A goal of Collingwood’s should be to have more fans watch the school games. Coming out and cheering for the home team is unequivocally the best way to prove commitment to school spirit. By the students being more involved in the school, Collingwood will be able to further progress. Considering how difficult and tiring some resolutions can be, experts always suggest making a more easily attainable and fun goal. A school mascot (a dog/cat/fish?), would definitely ease the pressure of undergoing these resolutions. In fact, it may even benefit school spirit!

3. Waste Less.


Unfortunately, garbage and waste are simply a part of school. Throughout the day, tons of garbage is accumulated at Collingwood. As proposed by Collingwood Roundsquare, sorting our trash can help to diminish this gross number. The school has implemented a separation system: organics, glass/metal/plastic, and waste. Instead of automatically chucking what is thought to be “waste” into the waste bin, double-check. As surprising as it is, the plastic spoons and glass bottles add up over time.

A more positive atmosphere, school spirit, and some environmental awareness are just a set of things that Collingwood could do to better itself. Let’s work together to accomplish these goals, and keep them going past February.

By: Alex Weir

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