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Collingwood House Olympics


On September 23, Collingwood launched the first ever House Olympics, with six houses competing in a variety of fun field events. The day’s festivities included events such as the twice around, miracle mile, there and back race, shot put and tug of war for championships. To commence the olympics the spirited houses stormed the field with prowess. The Olympics commenced after the Head Boy and Girl passed of the Collingwood olympic torch.

This event is memorable not only because it was the first Collingwood Olympics, but also because it was the first major school event on the new field, which was finally completed towards the end of last school year.

One of the highlights of the event was Heads of House Running Competition, in which Mr. Waterhouse, Head of Senft, was in the lead, but all the teachers ended up finishing together, showing that it is all about teamwork in the end, not winning.

Finally, after an action-packed event roster, Geer won the championship, while Senft came second, Mackenzie third, Groos fourth, Houssain fifth and Byrd Sixth.

Overall, the Collingwood Olympics was an entertaining and an exciting event – a great opportunity for each of the houses to demonstrate their house spirit. We definitely look forward to next year’s Collingwood Olympics!

By: Kristine Falck and Sol Lee

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