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Collingwood Heads to the Model UN Delegation 2017

The Model United Nations Delegation of 2017, led by Ms. Duteau, will begin to meet shortly in preparation for the annual trip to New York. The purpose of the Model UN is to enrich students’ knowledge in current global events and provide possible solutions to problems across all continents. The students in the Model UN group will attend bi-weekly meetings and write a position paper for the final conference in New York.

A particular country is yet to be assigned to our delegation, for which our students will research on pressing issues and provide viable solutions. At the conference in New York, students will have the opportunity to visit the UN headquarters as well as to meet other high school delegates from all over the world to debate and negotiate on assigned topics. When asked about his experience as one of last year’s Model UN delegates, Marshall Conover expressed, “It was an immersive experience which gave me the opportunity to explore the field of international relations. If I could go back, I would for sure do it again!” Our delegates this year cannot suppress their excitement about the event as well. According to Jenny Ding, “This is going to be a great experience! I can actually visit the UN headquarters in New York and debate in the conference there. I can’t wait!” This year’s trip will begin on Wednesday, March 8th and end on Wednesday, March 15th. The first few days of this 7-day trip will feature sightseeing around New York, including The MET, and some Broadway musical shows.

As our students begin their discussion meetings this month, we wish them the best of luck to the start of a brand new experience.

By: Jennifer Lo

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