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Coding Club!

Collingwood’s Coding Club is back! Led by Mr. Hodal, the senior school Coding Club is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in data analysis, engineering, and computer science to garner insight into the power of coding. The club meets weekly on Wednesdays at lunch in the Physics Lab. Members are currently learning to code in Python, and are supplementing the weekly club meetings by enrolling in Code Academy’s online coding course. Python is a widely used, high-level, dynamic programming language, which has vast applications (it was the most popular coding language in 2015), and will certainly serve to be an important skill for the students in their future endeavors.

This past Wednesday’s meeting marked the Coding Club’s exploration into the realm of Raspberry Pis – tiny computers you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects. Mr. Hodal explained to the students how the Raspberry Pis worked and showed them how to use their Python coding to program a variety of functions. Members Neeki Alavi (Gr.10), Kristine Falck (Gr.12) and Simon Finnie (Gr.12) worked together to code the patterned lighting timing of a series of colored LEDs. After Spring Break, Coding Club students will start their own Raspberry Pi projects! These projects can range from using the Rapberry Pi to coordinate temperature sensors with fans at different temperature variants, to coding digital scoreboards. The possibilities are endless with a Raspberry Pi – all you need is creativity and code!


All students are welcome to join and come learn more about programming. If you are interested in coding, be sure to check out the club on Wednesdays at lunch!

By: Kristine Falck

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