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Classics, Forgotten Favourites, and Influential Releases

Over the next couple of days until school ends, I plan on intermittently releasing album reviews as a series of articles for the Ad Verum newspaper. The following is a preamble I wrote that provides some context for the reader.

Ever since I first moved to Vancouver I’ve been an avid music collector. One day I was helping the family unpack cardboard boxes when I stumbled upon the neglected remains of my dad’s old record collection. Apparently, he sold them when CDs and cassette tapes were starting to become fashionable thinking that vinyl was “on the way out”. Despite that, I did some research and found an affordable turntable, and, motivated by some faint curiosity rather than an explicit passion for music, I bought my first record player in order to play what was left of them. In an empty bedroom, even before the majority of our stuff had arrived, I blew the dust off Steve Winwood’s “Arc Of A Diver”, removed the plastic sleeve, took out the record, and let the needle drop… and I smiled.

Over the past couple of years I gradually began listening to more and more music. My collection has now grown to occupy several pieces of self assembled IKEA furniture. I try to make it out to a record store at least once a month, either to purchase records, or to bring something in for exchange. I watch online music reviews (see “the needle drop”). I’m a regular concert goer, although I confess that I’ve never been to a music festival. I read books about albums (see the “33 1/3” series). I’m even, strangely enough, a member of a monthly record club that I had to submit a formal application for (see “Vinyl Me Please”).

Beyond partaking in the listening experience, music has inspired me to become more of a musician myself. Whether it’s playing in the band and singing in the choir at school, playing gigs with friends outside of school, or desperately but futilely attempting to change the playlist at parties, music follows me wherever I go. Embarrassingly enough, it’s a regular occurance for me to be caught unconsciously air drumming/air guitar-ing/air bass-ing/air piano-ing while I go about my day, completely oblivious to my surroundings.

But enough about me. The reason I took the time to write this article is because of you. I hope that by sharing the music I enjoy most, it will inspire you to make music a more prominent aspect of your life. I hope that you discover a new favourite album, artist, or even an entire genre of music. Take the time to try something related to what you already love. Take the risk to try something entirely new. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll learn a little bit more about yourself in the process and make a few like-minded friends along the way.

For the incomplete list please click here.

– Lucas Philipp

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