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Cavchella: Collingwood’s Own Music Festival

For music festival enthusiasts, summer time is the epitome of the year. Renowned festivals such as Coachella, Sasquatch, and Pemberton all occur within the span of these couple of months. Many people choose to go to festivals to see several of their favorite artists in one go as well as to enjoy the lively atmosphere where there not only is music but also food barterers and many other forms of entertainment.

As the school year comes to an end, the student executive has decided to organize their own Music Festival, called Cavchella–a twist on the famous festivals that attract many high school and college students–to celebrate the end to an eventful school year.

Cavchella will be taking place on June 8th. With the new field being finally ready, the student executive has decided to put the field into good use before the school year ends. Cavchella will be attempting to mimic aspects of Coachella with a touch of Collingwood. There will be live performances by talented students such as Alex Lara, a slip n slide, a bouncy castle as well as decorations that provide a “coachella” vibe.The organizers are praying for clear skies and hot sun, so that the event can run successfully.

In past years, each house has put on their own event ranging from games and a picnic in the Cleveland Dam to paint balling as a way to close off the school year on a high note. This year all the houses will be combined together. Each house is allocated a one thousand budget for their activity. Since it will be a school-wide event, the house budgets will be combined to equal a hefty amount of six thousand dollars. To some, this amount seems like a lot, especially since there are other uses for the money such as the One Girl Can campaign. However, one can only criticize or praise Cavchella after it is experienced, so let’s wait and see.

Although putting on an event of this calibre is a hefty task, the amount of hours put in by the student executive preludes that the event will be a success. Cavchella will be the last hoorah organized by the student executive of 2015 as they conclude a year of service to their graduating class, respective houses, and the entire school.

By: Lisa Yang

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