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Cavalier Prom 2015


On Friday, January 23rd, Collingwood students attended the much anticipated Cavalier Prom. The theme of the event was Diamonds Are Forever and the venue was decorated in a dazzling display of gems. Students in grade 11 and 12 got dressed to the nines and enjoyed dinner, entertainment, and dancing throughout the night. Every student in attendance looked absolutely fantastic; girls adorned themselves with jewelry, glamorous dresses, and sky high heels, while the boys looked sharp in their suits.

Overall, the night was a fantastic success! Kristine Falck of the Prom Committee stated, “Prom was an elegant affair! It was wonderful to see the fruits of our labour unveiled. The night was full of fun activities, upbeat dancing, and tons of fun!”

When music, elegance and friends are combined, the night is bound to be one to remember. Congratulations to the Cavalier Prom Committee on yet another enjoyable evening for Collingwood students!

By: Ainsley Bustos

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