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Backpack Buddies: Feeding Children, One Bag At A Time

Backpack Buddies was an initiative created by Joanne Griffiths and Emily-Anne Griffiths who came to Collingwood with an idea to help feed kids living in low income families. Collingwood swiftly started fundraising to help this worthy cause, and more specifically, help feed these inner-city kids.

The original goal of backpack buddies was to feed kids who had no food to eat at home on the weekends. Currently Collingwood is feeding 150 kids at both Queen Alexandra and Grandview Elementary, every other weekend. The organization would like to see a delivery every consecutive week, but this can only happen with your support! This means that we need to bring in more food and encourage our friends, family, and neighbours to donate to the cause.

Initially, the drives would only consist of perishable food, but now it has been expanded to more nutritious, fresh food including: cheese, vegetables, and meat products. Collingwood’s involvement in backpack buddies is essential because it piloted the charity. It is also important for Collingwood students to share the privileged lifestyle that we live.

Past initiatives at Collingwood have had tremendous success, both this current year and last year. Some of our more well known drives were Halloween for Hunger, multiple civvies days, as well as outside of school fundraisers which Collingwood students participated in.

The next major drive will be in the spring, but if students would like to help with packing or delivering, please speak to Madame Mofazali or Ms. McCracken.

And remember, next time there is a drive please think of the children that go to sleep hungry, because “Hunger doesn’t take the weekend off.”

By: Simon Finnie

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