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Athletic Year in Review


“Oh wow. Where did the time go. It seems like just yesterday “The Ad Verum” was just being created and a few of us were all huddled around one single table sharing ideas, and trying to even come up with a catchy name. Soon after this first meeting, I found myself in the position of co sports editor, having the responsibility of watching over the sports section of Ad Verum. It has been a great ride, and I wouldn’t change anything in all honestly. Looking back on my high school life, about to graduate, Ad Verum has been one of the stand out activities I have partaken in at Collingwood and it has helped blossom my writing techniques and skills. So for that, I am forever in debt to this magnificent club.” – Connor Anderson. Now onto the article.

This past year has offered up numerous highs and lows for Collingwood, however as a whole, I would describe the year in one word. “Success.” For example, the Boys Senior Basketball taking home the gold at provincials as well as a provincial championship for the Senior Tennis team, this year was definitely full of accolades. Now I will leave it to my co editor Jordan to dig a little deeper into the year, and analyze a few of our most memorable accomplishments.

The year started off with senior boys soccer and senior girls field hockey. The boys were able to prove Collingwood history when winning the ISA tournament for the first time followed by a valiant season. The senior girls team’s season can only be described as magical as they won another provincial banner. The year went on with success occurring again when the alpine team won two provincial banners.

As it can be seen, this year was in fact filled with accomplishments and accolades galore and it was only fitting that this year was the year that 5 provincial banners were won, making this year a record in that regard. Well done Collingwood. Jordan and I look forward to hearing about the future accomplishments for the school and we can proudly say we’re happy to be Cavs.

By:Connor Anderson x Jordan Mauro

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