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Among Us: A Review

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Among Us has experienced a surge that took the gaming world by storm during the course of quarantine. At first glance, Among Us seems like a murder mystery/mafia sort of game, but dive deeper, and you can see lots of intricacies that make the game so entertaining, whether it be sabotaging the ship, closing doors, hopping in vents, or checking security cameras.

Basically, Among Us is a game where there are (usually) ten or so players; made up of crewmates and imposters. Crewmates are your average innocents; they complete tasks, fix sabotages, and try to figure out who the imposters are. The imposters are the killers; they try to kill everybody until the number of imposters tie the number of crewmates. They fake tasks and go through vents, looking for their next victims.

After approximately 50 games, the one major thing that really pops out is trust (or trust issues). Although there are some ways to prove your innocence, in most games, the imposters are very hard to discern from suspicious (sus) crewmates. Oftentimes, you will be sure somebody is the imposter, but once they are ejected (lynched), it turns out they’re not the imposter. Communication is key; new information is extremely valuable. There are multiple facilities on the map of Among Us to help with that, such as the admin room, where you can see how many people are in a room; the door logs, where it displays who goes through which sensors; and the security camera, where you can see what’s going on all over the map. When a body is reported, a meeting ensues, where people discuss and vote who they think the imposter is. During this heated phase, imposters are trying to lie and come off as innocent, and the crewmates are trying to prove their own innocence and find out who the imposter is.

Overall, I find the game very interesting and fun, especially if you play with friends. Every game has its own twists and no two rounds are ever the same. Consider playing this with your family or friends, as you can play this during lockdown since it is online. To conclude, Among Us is an entertaining game with some strategy usage and is best played with people you know.

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