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Amadeus: A Review and Some Insight

Inspired by the music prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the play Amadeus — a rare masterpiece that brilliantly documents the final years of Mozart’s massively prolific yet atypical life — is dictated from the perspective of Antonio Salieri, who shared an acrimonious yet furtively admiring view towards Mozart. The all-star cast, led by Nikolai Osborn and Michael O’Neal, performed the play with great success, bringing a little piece of 18th century Austria to the Darlene Howard Theatre.

Amadeus was staged with vivid details, from the lavish costumes to the carefully sculpted architecture. The music was deeply moving, reminiscing the sheer beauty of Mozart’s exquisite compositions and Salieri’s flaming fury. The cast’s effective interpretations of their roles brought the characters from the play back to life.

Several audience members had some positive words to say:

“I was amazed by how the actors were so true to their characters! And the periodic costume was stunning” — Eva (Grade 12 student)

“The lighting captured the story perfectly and I was really impressed with the actors’ and actresses’ acting skills” — Siah (Grade 9 student)

“I appreciate how there was a wide variety of students casted, it really helped showcase the acting talent within Collingwood. Also, the music was very well integrated into the play and was able to provide great emotional depth” — Millie (Grade 11 student)

“Everyone played their roles beautifully” — Nadia (Grade 10 student)

The play not only left the audience breathless from its visual beauty and profound acting, but it was also a thrill ride for its cast.

Sian Shin, who portrayed the young opera singer Katherina Cavalieri, reflects on her experience performing in the play:

“This play was such an amazing experience, especially because of the distinct time period that the story is set in. Everything from the costumes to the wigs to the traditional curtsies made the characters and the story truly come to life. It felt like we were really transported back to the 18th century when we stepped on stage for every show.”

Bryn Cowan, who portrayed one of the citizens, comments on her experience:

“The whole thing was a blur of dramatic music and really uncomfortable costumes. But it all played off in the end, really fun show!”

Nikolai Osborn, the lead actor, comments on the play with some humour:

“It was quite the experience. Being the lead actor in such a big production is always a tough task. It was important to expect the unexpected. This came into play when my pants unclipped during one of the performances. My quick thinking ensured no one knew what had taken place.”

By: jenny Ding

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