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Alpine 2017 Provincials Results!!!

The 2017 BC High School Alpine Provincials were a roaring success! We started the trip of right with a team dinner at Milestones. Energy would be in high demand the next morning; it was nearly race day.

The Men’s GS was an exciting event. Collingwood skier Peter Konigsmann was in strong standing after the first run, but lost his ski in the second run. Although he managed to work his way through the course on one ski, his results would no longer give Collingwood the edge they needed to win the race. Edward Coleman and Mark Konigsmann pulled through with a 5th and 3rd place finish respectively. Young gun Sam Fuller helped secure our standings amongst the school with a solid 10th place finish. Finally, Michael Kennedy impressed his teammates with an on-course crash that he managed to recover from and ski out of.

On the girl’s course, Addie Tiller was our top finisher coming 2nd. Jamie Border was a close 6th, Misa 14th, and Morgan 15th. As with the boys, the girls were in strong standing to take gold; however, there was one race left to prove themselves, the Terrain GS.

The inclement conditions made the Terrain GS an interesting event to say the least. The snow was heavy and slow, so weight and aerodynamic efficiency was key. From other schools, racers were taping their pants to their legs to reduce wind flap, even wearing skinny jeans to get the fastest time. Collingwood must have done an excellent job waxing their skis in the hotel the night prior. Morgan Border was our top finisher. Due to a results mix up I’m not sure whether she came first second or third, only that she was FAST. Addie was 6th, Misa 18th, Olivia Tiller 26th, Sophia Ludwig 37th. All solid results considering the depth of talent in the field.

For the boys, Edward took 2nd, Peter 3rd, Mark 4th, Alec 6th, Sam 20th, Michael Kennedy 24th. Again, an outstanding performance. Eddie’s performance rekindled the age old rivalry between the Colemans and Konigsmanns.

At the awards ceremony, Collingwood graciously excepted all three provincial banners: Girls Overall, Boys Overall, and Combined Overall. Coaches Waterhouse, Ramsden, Ravensburgen, and Chamberlin had nothing but great things to say about this year’s team. Good job to everyone involved. Also, a special thank you to our photographer Ms. Chamberlin who took all the photos within this article! (Except for the featured image, which is a screenshot from Michael Kennedy’s Instagram… @kennedy_323).

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