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AdVerum: Lake Or O’Neill – Who Will Be Collingwood’s Next Head Boy?

The elections for the 2017-18 Head Boy and Head Girl are in full swing. Because of the amount of candidates running for Head Girl, I decided to focus on the men.

While Andrew Chin and Adam Lewis–excellent candidates, as well–are both running for exec positions, the Head Boy race looks tough to call as both Michael O’Neill and Casey Lake made interesting points in their speech that have the Collingwood Community wondering which of them will be the next Head Boy. The Ad Verum interviewed both Michael O’Neill and Casey Lake about their campaign for Head Boy and the following article covers what they had to say.

Micheal O’Neill told us about his desire to run for the Head Boy position: “Ever since I came to Collingwood, it has been something I wanted to go for. So when the time came to try, I put my name forward.”

Casey Lake, Collingwood newcomer from California, spoke openly about his intention to run for Head Boy. “I was thinking about running for the Head Boy position.” says Casey “Later on, I decided to go for it and I spoke with Michael about it.”

Both candidates had positive things to say about the students of Collingwood. “Everyone at Collingwood is friendly and welcoming.” said Casey. Michael had similar things to say about the students “The great student atmosphere is fairly unique to Collingwood.”

There are things, however, that Michael O’Neill and Casey Lake hope to improve. Casey spoke about the value of his wide perspective gained from the many schools he’s been fortunate to attend, his concern towards the course load that comes with some of the classes here at Collingwood, and how he hopes to improve that. Meanwhile, Michael’s concerns were centered around improving student life and that better common spaces for students to interact would make this possible.

When asked to give advice to future Head Boy candidates, Casey advised “Know yourself. Know what your strengths are and don’t play to the audience.” When asked the same question, Michael O’Neill responded “Be genuine. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.”

Both Casey Lake and Michael O’Neill share a friendship, off the podium. “Michael and I are really good friends. In talking with him, I told him that I wanted to run and we both thought it would make a friendly competition.” Casey elaborated. Michael O’Neill also provided some detail about his friendship with Casey. “I really like Casey.” says Michael. “We’ve become friends over the past year. And no matter what happens, next year is going to be a great year.”

The Head Boy for the 2017-18 school year will be announced on Friday, April 28th 2017. The Ad Verum wishes both Casey Lake and Michael O’Neill luck ahead of the announcement.

By: Nikolai Osborn

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