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Ad Verum – Collingwood’s Online News Publication

Quite subtly and sometimes overlooked, a meaningful and profound phrase sits right below the Collingwood School crest: Ex Visu Ad Verum. From Vision to Reality. We–the staff of Ad Verum–are extremely excited for the launching of the school’s new online news publication, as we have literally turned a vision into reality.

What is Ad Verum exactly? It’s many things, but first and foremost, it’s Collingwood’s student voice. Ad Verum’s primary goal is to speak up for Collingwood students by sharing ideas, stories, insights and news about Collingwood and beyond. Ad Verum is also a place where we invite the entire Collingwood community to visit and learn about current events, popular and unpopular opinions, and school life, all from a Collingwood student’s perspective. Finally, Ad Verum is a group of dedicated Journalists who hope to tell integral, intriguing, and inspiring stories that will keep you updated with the life of the school.

The staff consists of six grade elevens and three grade twelves and hopefully will continue to grow throughout the year. When asked about founding this new club, grade eleven student and Editor in Chief, Alana Bates agreed with enthusiasm saying that she definitely thinks the school needs a platform like this, “something for the students and by the students.” She’s supported by several talented writers and editors: Connor Anderson, Simon Finnie, Lucas Philipp, Lisa Yang, and Sophie Yehia. In addition, the staff is fortunate to have recently acquired three talented grade twelve photographers from Mr. Jake Francis’ class in Benedetta Beltramo, Megan Chase and Heather Rattray. Last but not least, the club will be assisted by professional journalists Mr. Taehoon Kim and Ms. Abigail Saxton.

Together, Ad Verum will work to create a news publication that will break open “The Collingwood Bubble” we are sometimes criticized for being in and thus open us up “to reality!”

We will report on the endeavours of the four strands of our school, and try our best to give insights on real world events, that will hopefully help us all expand our horizons and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

The ironic thing is that the stories we plan to tell will often come from what you make happen at the school. Essentially, Ad Verum is you.

By: Mr. Pimental

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