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A Snow Paradise: Alpine Team

Thinking about joining the Alpine team? If you’re someone who enjoys being on the mountain, some friendly competition, and hot chocolate, the Alpine team if perfect for you. With coaches like Mr. Waterhouse, Ms. Ramsden, and Mr. Ravensbergen, there is no better Collingwood team. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, the Alpine team won three banners in the 2016-2017 season. These included the women’s banner, the men’s banner, and the combined banner! Last year the novice team also had incredible results with Kevin Wang finishing first on the men’s side at North Shores. The team has their eyes on the prize and is hoping for another successful season this year. Other perks include training at Grouse Mountain, race days in Whistler, and if you qualify for provincials, say hello to the charming resort town of Sun Peaks! If you enjoy going fast and want to see how you compare with others against the clock, consider joining the Alpine team. With a few members, this team is small but deadly. Grab your skis or board, and come enjoy some hot chocolate with us!

By: Addie Tiller

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