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A Reflection: Life at Collingwood School during Covid

In the world of pandemic and chaos, it is no surprise that we find ourselves in as difficult a situation as we do now. Schools have been shut down since March beak and public transit closed for a few months. Nonetheless, we have gone back to school quite successfully

by learning to meet up with friends again in the correct manner, by obeying expectations in the

physical plant, and by engaging in new scheduling. Now, we are finally restarting our society, but many individuals out there think of it as a stressful time; as for me, I think it has gone pretty well so far.

Now that school has started after 182 days of break, I felt comfortably good to be back in school

again even though Covid-19 protocols are in effect. First, school is where I could see my friends again and that is very important because humans are interactive species. Even with my friends now around me after getting back to school, I find that this year is truly different because all the students have been divided into learning cohorts and only if you are in that cohort can you interact with each other masks off, a situation which has made me feel more comfortable as well. I am glad that this start-up has been so successful that I feel calm.

As well as me feeling contented around others, the success has also been evident physically in school. First, my school has made the hallways one way, so if you want to get to the cafeteria, you have to walk all the way to the far side of the school and take that set of stairs. Other safety measures that have taken place is that we need to be temperature checked each day and sanitize our tables each time after use with a cloth and sanitizer. As for entering the school, we have designated locations. For example, grade 8’s has to enter from the bus loop and we have to enter from the back of the school. So, in the end, I can feel relaxed as I go back to school because the school board has put safety measures in place.

Along with all the previously mentioned ways in which I can feel good about going back to school, I also am happy with the schedule they have set up. For classes, we only have 2 classes each day until term two, but each class is 2.5 hours long. Then, each Friday, we have experimental learning. At that time, we go off campus the whole school day and do outside activities. For instance, one week we will go kayaking and the other we will ride bikes around Stanley park and go pitch and putt. Overall, I think my school has managed Covid-19 very well in keeping us active and healthy rather than staying indoors.

In conclusion, during this difficult time, my school has managed the pandemic to my satisfaction with social interaction management, rules and protocols, and different class schedules. I am looking forward to all the fun activities that will take place this year.

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