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A New Student Exec System

A battery of changes, shepherded by the Heads of House, are reinventing the current student exec system. So many, in fact, that it’s easier to start off with what won’t change.

Head Boy and Head Girl: Theses two positions will largely remain the same, with the only difference being how they are elected. As you may have noticed, your ballots encouraged you to vote for five people. These votes will be tallied and the two people with the most votes will win Head Boy/Girl.

House Captains: This is where stuff really starts to get mixed up. It was decided that being both a member of the primary student exec and the Head of your house was too much on one’s plate at once. Instead, the three house captains (yes, three now) will focus on their own house activities. This will be aided by the addition of new blood in the form of grade elevens who can now become House Captains as well as the traditional grade twelve. The final change to the house captain system is that there will no longer need to be a certain amount of males and females filling each role, as any gender mix is possible.

Student Exec: Not including the Head Boy and Head Girl, this will be a team of six house neutral students. Elected by the same vote as the Head Boy and Head Girl, they will serve under them. Overall, next year is on track to be much different.

How these changes will benefit the school are yet to be seen, but hopefully this is the dawn of a positive new era for Collingwood leadership.

By: harry Fuller

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