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2015/2016 Head Girl/Boy and House Captains

As exam season rapidly approaches not only does it mark the end of a school year, but it marks the opportunity of leadership roles for the upcoming grad glass. It was an extremely difficult decision to select the 2015/2016 head boy/girl, given the fact 15 highly qualified individuals were running. Nonetheless, on Monday morning (April 20th) Hailey Szybunka and Ben Basran were formally announced as Collingwood school’s 2015/2016 head boy and head girl.

During the previous week, current grade 11 students were given the opportunity to run for house captain. One female and one male are elected from each of the houses (Geer, Groos, Houssain, Senft, Mackenzie and Byrd). Together, the 12 house captains, in addition to Hailey and Ben, create the exec for the 2015/2016 grad year.

Nominated for Senft was Alysha Gritten and Connor Anderson, for Geer Rachel Spouge and Nick Lewis, for Groos Molly Wright and Brendan Artley, for Byrd Max de Pfyffer and Emily Kelsall and for Houssain Emily Bruk and Michael Kong.

Together, these fourteen extremely talented individuals will be in charge of organizing events and activities their houses and the school. Although it’s sad to see another year come to an end, without a doubt, there will be plenty in store next year to look forward too!

Photo credit: Ms. Abigail Saxton

By: Sophia Yehia

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