Poems from Ms. Clarke’s Class

Free Verse Angela Xiao

I dream of

Giant butterflies

Radioactive cotton candy

Black lips


I dream of

Rainbow skin

Endless roads

Flash floods


But most of all

I dream of

The radiant you

The beautiful you

The mesmerizing you


Cancer       Karman Schad
My family has not lived long
Especially the women
Struck down in their 50’s and 60’s
Dragged down by the tumours growing inside them.

I never met my grandmothers
One lost her liver
One lost her kidneys
Both lost their lives.

Last year, I lost my aunt Vesna.
This year my aunt Lili was diagnosed
Cancer of the brain
She has had surgery over and over

The tumour keeps coming back

She has a little boy
And a little girl
They’re 10 and 9
And they may watch their mother die.

My cousin Megan is 4 months older
She watched her mother die

Over 7 years of chemo and suffering
It nearly killed her too.

I have had much of my family struck down
By the intruding grasp of Cancer
I worry for my mother, for my sister, for me

Cancer could reach into us with its wily grasp
Pulling the life from us

I hope it won’t,

But you never know.


The White Woman   Emily Larman

The creases upon her cheeks were like the dusty cracks

etched upon my floors.

A somber tear caught in the crevice, of a sifted wrinkle

Her sable hair a shade too dark

for the sallow of her skin.

But, a smile that could win wars and give hope

to those who had nothing left.

A glowing promise in a bloodless hue.

Waxen with self-doubt,

she carried herself with an air of skepticism.

An almost sentient unbelief.

The white woman walked in an emotionless stupor

and laughed with a knowing unconcern.

A sound so masterfully outlandish,

one could not help but stop and delight in its marvels.

Surrounded by a wall of rampant poison hemlock,

entwined in a vermillion curse,

the white woman wondered.

Wondered why they were staring.

Wondered why they were laughing.

But wonderment did not appeal to adoration.

It was simply an undying devotion

to the realm in which one subsists.

The white woman worked,

worked to forget.

Worked to forget as a child who does not remember
For what point did it serve

to dwell upon past transgressions

instead of divulging oneself into the capacity of the present?

Like a broken limb that never heals.

Truth lies beyond.

Beyond the vestiges of the past and the convictions of the future.

The white woman wallowed,

for a world without unhanding was no world at all.


Beauty Twisted       Sonnet by Selina Mao

Your song is sweeter than a nightingale’s,

Your dance in rhythm with a quick strong heart,

Like that of a hummingbird on my sails,

To a traveler like me, you are my art.


I’ll write you a letter and sign my love,

Because no one sings as perfect as you,

To the moon and sun or my favorite dove,

No voice so beautifully cracked and blue.


Like cuts and kisses my perfect songbird,

Only someone like you can heal my scars,

People like us who can never be heard,

Trapped and twisted by these monsters and bars.


To them you cannot sing and I—a ghost,

But together we are the perfect host.

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Festival Survival Guide Summer 2015

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